Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I get words stuck in my head. Today it was reset. It made me think about how we haven't put any mixes up in a bit, so I threw a quick fiver together. Hopefully this gets the ball rolling. Bill's computer has been broken, but I think he got a new one, so that should lead to more mixes soon.

Reset -
1. Ten Years Trouble - Off With Their Heads
2. West Bay Invitational - Jawbreaker
3. Pretty Good Year - Chuck Ragan (a Loved Ones cover)
4. Stay - Ghost Buffalo
5. Things on a Dashboard - Hot Water Music

Hey, how about some suggestions for themes for mixes. Good Idea!


greg said...

i love OWTH!

as for themes how about skate rock, songs to rip bongs to, dog days of autumn, and finally tracks for an epic poo shit.

ImPerceptible said...

You make good mixes. I don't want to suggest anything because I like to see what you come up with. I am in need of some new nighttime music, though. You know how I like it.