Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Grrl Mix

The other day someone pointed out that the two band stickers I have on my car both have at least one female member. So? I love the ladies, and I listen to quite a few female fronted bands. I was like ten when the whole Riot Grrl thing was happening so I'm not pretending this in some way encapsulates a movement, it's just a mix. Enjoy!

Grrl Mix
  1. La la la - Sylvie Vartan
  2. Roller Girls - The Soviettes
  3. Living Room - Tegan and Sara
  4. Wooden Bullets - This is My Fist!
  5. Zot - Vena•Cava
  6. Uncle Phranc - Team Dresch
  7. Libel - Tilt
  8. Becky - Be Your Own Pet
  9. bike rides + high fives - Rosa
  10. Jailbird Bars - Cleveland Bound Death Sentence
  11. Harder to Tell - Discount
  12. Golden Boys - Drunken Boat
  13. Hours - Lemuria
  14. Everything I Won't Miss - Fifth Hour Hero
  15. Hit the Ground Running - The Measure (SA)
  16. March March Along - Naked Aggression
  17. Words And Guitar - Sleater-Kinney
  18. A Legacy Of Empty Buildings - One Reason
  19. I Don't Give a Fuck - Peaches


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Anthony can put on his new shoes for this mix.

anthony said...

I burned this and 1982 for my trip to the LBC today, very excited!

greg said...

dude the Paybacks. that chick wendy has got a serious throat on her and some gee-tar licks to boot!