Friday, July 11, 2008

Cloves and Shakes

I don't normally smoke. I did the other day on my lunch break. I was really nervous and scared and I had the shakes. I drank a beer and it didn't help. I smoked some cigarettes, those didn't help either. So I made a mix. I still was shaking.

Cloves and Shakes -

Good Fucking Bye - Matt Skiba
Under The Milky Way - The Church
Violet Hill - Coldplay
When You Were Young - The Killers
Nearly Lost You - Screaming Trees
Little Lover's So Polite - Silversun Pickups
Your Little Hoodrat Friend - The Hold Steady
I Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both - Jawbreaker
if you don't, don't - Jimmy Eat World
Exit Wounds - Paint It Black
Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead


Anonymous said...

I need to stop reading the tags. They make me nervous.

ImPerceptible said...

babies? for, at, or with lunch?

scidem said...

Hi, I love your blog, I like both the "Under the milky way" and Violet Hill. Thanks