Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dan's Dirt Sticks or Mantrapping: A Guide

I asked Dan if he'd like to make a mix and lo and behold when I got up this morning there it was. He named it "dirt sticks", I would assume because he just moved to the "sticks" so to speak out in Placerita Canyon somewhere. I can almost picture him working on his still or whittling a punji stick. Dan included a bit of reading material to correspond with his mix and all I will say is that it surprises me in the least that he has a copy of it.

1 Scott Walker--"Cowbells Shakin'"
2 Have A Nice Life--"Bloodhail"
3 William Elliott Whitmore/Jenny Hoyston--"Feast Of A Thousand Beasts"
4 Chamberlain--"The South Has Spoiled Me"
5 Grouper--"Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping"
6 Van Morrison--"Starting A New Life"
7 Explosions In The Sky--"Remember Me As A Time Of Day"
8 Horse Feathers--"Albina"
9 Sharks Keep Moving--"Join Up"
10 Sigur Ros--"Agaetis Byrjun"
11 Vali--"Et Ensomnt Minne"
12 The Mountain Goats--"Attention All Pickpockets"
13 Chris Whitley--"Wild Country"

1 comment:

ImPerceptible said...

"The trap has to fit the place in which it is constructed"

That is good advice. So many people forget this.

Thank you Dan, I enjoyed your mix.